Within the VITAL consortium there are a lot of young investigators contributing to the project. Management Board member Jim Janimak (GSK) introduced the idea of having young investigators do flash presentations on their research for the VITAL project. And so the Young Investigator Presentation (YIP) award was born. Each Work Package nominated one young investigator to present their research and (preliminary) study results, see the overview below for the four presentations and a link to each video:

WP1: Mónica López Lacort – How math helps vaccines

WP2: Alper Cevirgel – Immune heterogeneity to explain vaccination responses

WP3: Simon van der Schans – Fiscal Health Modelling – Developing a fiscal health model framework for VITAL

WP4: Manuela Wennekes – Quantitative SLR on effective interventions targeting healthcare workers to improve vaccination of older adults.

The winner was chosen by the Advisory Board members based on scientific excellence and innovation. This year’s VITAL YIP award was won by Simon van der Schans with his presentation on Fiscal Health Modelling.