Work Package 4 (WP4) focuses on the communication between healthcare
professionals and the ageing population on vaccination. By developing
strategies to educate and train healthcare professionals and promote the
awareness among stakeholders involved in elderly care management,
the team aims to raise awareness on the importance of vaccination in
the ageing population.

Although WP4 experienced delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, data collection for the interview study has been finished. The results are translated into a questionnaire for the next step, validating the interview data. In the same study, a network analysis will be included to explore the network around healthcare professionals when searching information on elderly vaccination. Data collection for this study has started in December 2021.

Our qualitative evidence synthesis ‘’Healthcare workers’ perceptions and experiences of communicating with people over 50 years of age about vaccination’’ can be found here.

Looking ahead

Future efforts of WP4 will focus on data collection for the network analysis, the questionnaire study and in depth analysis of the interview data. In addition, more publications on previous work of WP4 are in preparation.

After a delay of almost a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, great efforts have been made by all partners of WP4 to start data collection for the healthcare professionals study. The first part of this study is an interview study to explore the attitudes and perspectives of healthcare professionals and identify information, educational needs and learning objectives in the education of HCP’s concerning vaccination of the elderly population. The second part is to explore and visualize the network and its valuation around HCP’s (how HCP’s value their contacts) and the information flows between HCP’s regarding vaccination of the elderly population. Data collection is almost finished for the interview study. After this, the focus will be on analyzing this data and the development of the questionnaire for the second part of the study. All will provide valuable input for the education platform.